Songs of Glimmerwick is a beautiful RPG set in a Harry Potter-style magic school


Its authors sell a musical fantasy world where casting a spell is as easy as playing a song.

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If all goes as we all want, this year we will finally return to the most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world with Hogwarts Legacy, a role-playing adventure from Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games. However, it is not the only video game that will seek to teach us to master our hidden abilities, so will Songs of Glimmerwick and its first trailer has enchanted us.

“Dive into a music fantasy world where casting a spell is as easy as playing a song. Attend classes, cultivate the university garden, make friends with your classmates and townspeople, and explore the many oddities and mysteries of the island in this narrative RPG based on a school of witches, mixing an adventure game with life-sim mechanics”, they present.

Songs of Glimmerwick

We are thus facing a video game where the player will have a lot to do, starting with RPG-style missions where unravel its history and meet unique characters, and continuing with a system where you have to use the power of music to communicate with trees, enchant tools to work by themselves and even improve the land. As the adventure progresses, the player will be able to improve their character by choosing the qualities that best suit them.

Songs of Glimmerwick goes strong offering a lively world with lots to do: classes to attend, mysterious rumors, local dramas and boisterous festivals as well as extracurricular activities where you can make great friends. We will see all this on PC and consoles (not yet detailed) as of 2023 if everything goes according to plan. Songs of Glimmerwick is developed by Eastshade Studios, authors of the great Eastshade.

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