Sonia Gandhi returned home after medical examination, Rahul also returned

New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi returned home on Tuesday morning after a medical examination abroad. According to sources, former party president Rahul Gandhi is also back, who went with his mother. Sonia Gandhi went abroad for medical examination on 12 September. Also Read – Shivraj government accepted – Yes, Congress government had forgiven 27 lakh farmers loan

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi could not attend the current monsoon session of Parliament due to being abroad. Also Read – Congress will now hit the road after Parliament to protest against the Agriculture Bill, know what has happened about the bill so far…

Let me tell you that on Tuesday, the Congress accused the central government of trying to root out the farmers through new agricultural bills and said that the boycott of Parliament proceedings continued till its demand for minimum support price (MSP) was met. Will remain. Also Read – Congress will raise nationwide protest against agricultural bills, will sign two crore farmers

Former party president Rahul Gandhi once again targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the agriculture related bills and alleged that efforts are being made to develop some capitalists by clearing the farmers from the root. He tweeted that Modi’s election promise in 2014 was to get the Swaminathan Commission MSP (Minimum Support Price) to the farmers. In the year 2015, the Modi government told the court that this will not happen to them. Black laws were introduced in 2020.

The Congress leader alleged, “Modi ji’s intention is” clean “, new anti-agrarian effort, clear from root by farmers, good development of bourgeoisie” friends “.