Sonic Frontiers was planned for 2021 but SEGA decided to delay the launch for a year


The new adventure of the blue hedgehog was supposed to hit the market as part of Sonic’s 30th anniversary celebration.

The gala of The Game Awards 2021 It surprised with many trailers and new announcements, including that of the new adventure of the blue hedgehog, Sonic Frontiers. The next game of the veteran character will bet on action and platforms in the open world and will be in charge of the team of Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. This new installment was announced with a release window scheduled for Christmas this 2022, although as Sonic Stadium has shared, Sega’s plans were very different.

In the Investor Q&A on December 14, Sega confirmed that the game would have been delayed for quality reasons. Sonic Frontiers was supposed to be part of the celebration of the Sonic 30th Anniversary in 2021. Sega has also claimed to have been conducting analysis constantly throughout the development phase.

Sonic Frontiers

Sega trusts the quality of Sonic FrontiersThese analyzes would also include external evaluations, something that has managed to raise the expectations of the company regarding the game quality. Sega’s confidence in Sonic Frontiers will be reflected in its price, which will continue beyond its launch to keep intellectual property value high, instead of lowering the price at an early stage seeking to increase the number of units sold.

Sega also answered questions about the status of the franchise, noting that the film closes the generation gap by achieving attract millions of people towards the character. Sonic product licenses would continue working well in North America and Europe, although it would be more difficult to reach the Japanese public. The April 8 It will be released worldwide in Sonic: The Movie 2, and Jeff Fowler, the director of this promising sequel, has spoken about it.

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