Sonic Frontiers will feature the expertise of a classic composer from the franchise


Jun Senoue is one of the greatest veterans of the blue hedgehog saga, starting his work since 1994.

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If you know closely the development team that has worked on the Sonic franchise since its inception, then the name will be familiar to you. Jun Senoue, a composer who has worked side by side with the blue hedgehog for a long time. Sonic Frontiers, the next chapter for the Sega mascot, will feature the experience of this veteran, and we will again enjoy his iconic interpretations in this installment. This has been confirmed by Senoue himself in a recent interview.

The last installments of Sonic had a minor participation of the composerJun Senoue began working on the Sonic saga since 1994, with the title Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Since then, the composer has left his mark on numerous installments of the blue hedgehog, including both releases of Sonic Adventure. Senoue also participated with vocal performances, as part of the band. Crush 40.

Among his numerous performances, one of the best known is ‘Escape from the City’, a piece that adorned the first stage of Sonic Adventure 2, and where the composer joined forces with Tony Harnell, a famous American singer.

Although Senoue did not completely abandon the saga, the last installments of Sonic had a minor participation of the composer, as was the case with Sonic Generations. In the interview, Senoue mentioned that he is very excited so it will bring 2022. “This fits very well with the way Sonic Team has compared Frontiers to Sonic Adventure,” the composer mentioned, adding that the title has kept him “very busy.”

Sonic Frontiers was last seen during The Game Awards 2021 with a trailer that boasted visual appearance and open world. The title was originally going to come out in 2021, but Sega decided to delay its release by a whole year, and now the studio is fully confident in the quality of the game.

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