Sonic: The Movie 2 publishes a new poster with references that will excite fans of the hedgehog


Just a few hours ago, Paramount Pictures unveiled a final trailer full of action and speed.

Sonic is already warming up to jump once again to the movies, but this time he is accompanied by iconic figures in his franchise such as Tails o Knuckles. To raise fans’ expectations for Sonic: The Movie 2, Paramount Pictures has published a final trailer in which there is no lack of large doses of action and comic moments. However, this has also come along with a poster that will excite the followers of the blue hedgehog.

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, we already have a new promotional image for the film. Beyond this, the community has not been slow to rejoice over the design of this poster, as they have pointed out some aspects that link its structure with the sonic 2 covershowing Sonic and Tails next to a number 2 being held by Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic: The Movie 2

And here the details do not end, since in the poster of the film they can be seen slightly knuckles eyes reflected in the number, which in turn refers to Sonic 3. In this sense, the echidna appeared on the cover of the game as a shadow of which only his characteristic eyes were seen.

Image from Sonic: The Movie 2

Of course, Paramount Pictures hasn’t just focused on producing a general blockbuster, but also wants to make constant winks to Sonic fans. This has made a user take an official poster of the film to adapt it to the artistic style of Sonic 2, which has earned him applause from the community. In addition, it is very likely that the blue hedgehog will continue to present more adventures in the moviessince a third film has already been confirmed in addition to a series starring Knuckles.

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