Sonu Sood bought buffalo, said – I was not so excited even when ..


Bollywood Actor Sonu sood: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has emerged as the messiah of the poor in the ongoing lockdown between the Corona virus. The way he helped people, he has received much appreciation. Even today, Sonu Sood is constantly helping people as much as possible. Also Read – Why is Sonu Sood happy to be a part of Chiranjeevi’s 152nd film?

Recently, a Twitter user from Bihar tweeted asking Sonu Sood for help. The user wrote that “Bhola of Champaran has lost his son and his buffalo in the flood, which was the only source of his income. Sonu Sood, you provide him with a buffalo so that he can earn some money for his living and raise his children. ” Also Read – Sonu Sood said this big thing about his acting career

Sonu Sood responded by saying, “I was not so excited while buying my first car as I was excited when I bought a new buffalo.” When I come to Bihar, I will drink a glass of buffalo fresh milk. ” Sonu Sood, helping the man in this way, has bought him a buffalo. Sonu Sood has proved to be a superhero once again. Also Read – Sonu Sood awarded doctoral degree in Taekwondo

Whoever asks for help from Sonu Sood, they help him. Even if someone has to pay school fees, one has to get his mother treated. Someone’s father is ill or someone’s son or daughter is ill. Whoever asks for help, is present to help them.


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