Sony Announces Closing PS4 PlayStation Communities


Sony is preparing to shut down its PlayStation Communities feature in Playstation 4 next month, seemingly one of the company’s first moves to phase out support for its old console.

In a note on the PlayStation support page, Sony says that PS communities will no longer be supported as of April 2021, although messaging and other features will continue to be available through the PlayStation app.

PS Communities is a feature that allows PS4 users to create or join groups based on their interests. Once inside, the users of a group can play together or discuss their interests through a system of forums with messaging. The feature was launched in 2015 and had already started its completion last year, when the ability to create private communities was phased out. Anyway, the public communities were still open.

With the launch of the PlayStation 5 last year, it makes sense that eventually Sony will slowly begin to withdraw support for different PS4 features, although given the number of PS4 units currently on the market, the process of PS4 shutdown is slow.

For comparison, the Wii U, which was largely a commercial failure, just lost its Netflix support earlier this year, despite the Switch already celebrating its fourth anniversary a few weeks ago. By this we mean that we shouldn’t expect to lose all the functionality of the previous Sony console anytime soon.

All that said, this could also be more of a move to ditch Communities (entirely) as functionality. In fact, there is currently no equivalent feature available on PS5.

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