Sony announces PlayStation Plus games for the month of February


February is already waiting around the corner and that means a new set of free monthly games for subscribers of Playstation plus, the service necessary to enjoy multiplayer on PS4 and PS5 (the lucky ones who have one of the latter).

We already knew about one of them, Destruction AllStars, which in principle was going to be one of the launch games for PlayStation 5, but a few days before its release, its delay was confirmed and that it would be a launch game for PlayStation Plus. The next-generation exclusive Lucid Games title is a combat game on wheels in which 16 AllStars will pilot one of the 28 vehicles available to win the Global Destruction Federation Cup at any cost. From February 2 to
April 5.

For PS4 and PS5 arrives Control: Ultimate Edition, which is not only the graphically optimized version for a new generation, but both include the two great DLCs from the Season Pass of Remedy’s success: The Foundation and AWE (the latter links the game with Alan Wake).

For PS4 (although it is perfectly playable on PS5 via backward compatibility) it will come to us Concrete Genie, a quite peculiar title in which you have to bring the abandoned city of Denska back to life by painting with Ash and his magic brush.

These two will be available from February 2 to March 1.

Finally, in Spain the PS Talents game for PS4 from the previous month will continue to be maintained: Dawn of Fear, game by the Valencian studio Brok3nsite. A survival horror inspired by the classics of the 90s, with fixed cameras and third-person gameplay. In this adventure, resource management will be key to survival. Downloadable until March 1.

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Remember that if you have managed to buy or get a PS5 as a gift despite the limited stock, it is still available The PlayStation Plus Collection, a library of 20 backwards compatible PS4 games on PS5 including Fallout 4, Batman: Arkham Knight, God of War, Days Gone and many more.