Sony anticipates legal problems and patents removable PS5 cases: a personalization of its own


PS4 already had interchangeable covers with the option to choose between several colors.

Sony has been immersed in a tug of war with various PS5 skin customization companies: the company Dbrand He challenged the Japanese company to sue them for their proposal, something that led to the cessation of sales before returning to the charge with a new design. Now, Sony has taken a new step in this contest and is ahead of this and other legal problems with its latest patent: some removable housings for PS5 that could mean the return of the custom consoles.

PS4 already had interchangeable covers of four different colorsThis has been pointed out by the OpAttack medium after having seen said movement in the lists of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Here, Sony has specified its intention to create removable housings for your latest console, which would result in the ability to change the color of those items. In this sense, the Japanese company had already taken a similar course with custom cases for PS4, with which they were added up to four new colors to decorate the console.

PlayStation 5

At the end of the day, and after going through several legal dilemmas in relation to the cases of external companies, it was clear that Sony would give a final step in the battle with own creations. Despite this, it has not yet been specified when we will be able to customize our consoles through the company’s official cases, as it is still they have not commented on anything at the official level.

In addition, it should be noted that there are all kinds of designs on the Internet that have attracted the attention of many fans of the PlayStation franchises, so we will have to see what colors and ideas launches Sony to the market. So far, the Tokyo people will have to continue dealing with the case customization companies, as they have found far-fetched ways to protect your products and declare themselves untouchable.

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