Sony eliminates a means of acquiring PS3, PSP and Vita games


Sony close a browser version of the PlayStation Store which allowed users to continue purchasing PS3, PSP, and PS Vita games, further fueling rumors that the Store for these platforms will close next summer.

As Raoh, a member of ResetEra detected (and echoed by Eurogamer), a still accessible version of the PS Store that allowed players to buy games from these platforms has disappeared without warning this weekend.

Sony updated its store website in October of last year, going to sell only PS4 and PS5 games. However, some region-specific links allowed access to the old version of that store, with the possible purchase of older games. Now they lead to an error message in the browser.

For now we can still enter our PS3, PSP and Vita store to buy. However, rumors suggest that it might not last as The Gamer has reported that all three stores could be closed for good already in July. Sony has not commented on the matter, and has not answered us when we have asked them from IGN on several occasions. What an ugly business …

We would undoubtedly be facing one of the first “big closures” of the first generation that the virtual games store used (in the case of Sony), since it is something that did not occur on PS2 – ignoring isolated examples of people using hard drives on that machine, etcetera -.

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