Sony May Close Store for PS3, PS Vita, and PSP This Summer, According to New Reports


PS5 has hit the market to settle down. That’s clear. But when a new generation begins, it also means that the previous ones are relegated to the past. Recently, Sony already changed the PlayStation Store so that it was focused on PS5 and PS4 games (which is backwards compatible with the former).

However, it was still possible to continue buying PS3, PS Vita and PSP games through the Store of the consoles themselves. Well, according to new reports, Sony will close those stores next summer. And the official announcement could occur later this month. Keep reading and we will tell you all the details.

The information, which has been echoed @Nibellion and Twitter, has arrived through the portal The Gamer. And as they comment, the exact dates of the closing of the digital stores would be the following:

  • Store PSP + PS3 – July 2nd.
  • PS Vita Store – August 27.

Obviously, at the moment there is no official confirmation from Sony. However, The Gamer claims to have verified the source, which they say is a source familiar with the situation. And as we said, they affirm that the announcement would be scheduled for the end of this month of March 2021.

On the other hand, if confirmed, it will be important to see how Sony will proceed with respect to the games of those consoles that we already have purchased in our accounts. Titles will likely continue to appear in a downloadable list via the machines themselves. And that, therefore, we can download them whenever we want.

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However, there are no precedents, so we will have to be vigilant. What is clear, and cited by The Gamer in its report, is that it will no longer be possible to buy digital games from these platforms once they are closed. Therefore, we recommend doing it now if there is still a title that interests you. Including the PSone classics, which, since they are not available on PS4, PS Now and PS5, could disappear.