Sony patents a system to turn even bananas into a remote control


Sony has patented a technology that would allow gamers to turn household items (including fruit) into controllers for PlayStation. Users will employ a camera to scan objects with a detection system that will allow them to use them for specific functions in some games.

As reported in GamesIndustry.Biz, a recent Sony patent has been filed under the tag “innovation”, identifying that there are peripherals for games that can be too expensive, so “it would be interesting if a user could use a shuffle object and not electronic as a peripheral for games. ” Possible solution? Convert objects to peripherals.

Since they would be “non-luminous” and “passive” objects, Sony suggests that they could be used as a remote control. Among the objects shown as an example we see a banana and two oranges. Beyond any recurring joke about this, we have been able to observe how the camera scans them and can interpret what the games mean, making them useful.

The document also talks about how an augmented reality image could be generated and detect changes in the position of objects to adapt to hand movements, citing a “finger detector.” Take a look below:


We guess now GAME will team up with some local greengrocers or something. And we also know that it is a technology in development and that in any case, some titles (almost certainly Party style, saving a specific Easter egg in others) will use a certain element to promote the game of family style or between friends, but totally focused to a young audience.

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