Sony San Diego’s new team is working on existing franchises


The new study of Sony in San Diego, he is working to “expand existing franchises,” according to a former manager’s LinkedIn page.

Michael Mumbauer has worked in the management of PlayStation until he left his position in November 2020. In a section of his profile in which he details his work with the new San Diego team, Mumbauer has written “his latest success is having built a new team to develop a triple-A action adventure for PlayStation. Located in San Diego and using proprietary technology. The team aims to expand existing franchises and create new stories for the new generation of gamers. “

While Naughty Dog isn’t afraid to say sayonara to its popular franchises - RIP Naughty Dog’s original Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter series - the Uncharted series is still universally loved, and feels vital in 2020.  And while Uncharted 4 may have been a thief’s end for Nathan Drake, it turned in tremendous sales success as the highest-selling PS4 exclusive at the end of 2016, its launch year, with nearly 9 million copies sold. Outside of Drake himself, Uncharted: Lost Legacy proved the world is rife with globetrotting stories to tell with its ensemble cast. Whether Uncharted looks like the continuation of Chloe and Nadine’s journey in Lost Legacy or the story of another group of characters finding another character branch off into a (a Young Sully series, perhaps?), there are plenty of avenues the series could still go down.  And it’s clear the franchise is one Sony still deeply cares about, given how it has kept its movie adaptation alive for years despite a revolving door of directors abandoning the project.

As for which franchises it would be, there are rumors that PlayStation has already been working again with Naughty Dog to continue the saga Uncharted. There is nothing official about it, but the option would be quite interesting, since no one would refuse to see a first Uncharted on PS5, whatever its content or setting.

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