Sony Santa Monica is working on another game besides the upcoming God of War


Sony Santa Monica Studio, creators of the latest God of War for PS4, they have confirmed through a recruitment advertisement that they’re working on an unannounced video game in addition to the God of War sequel, which at the moment we know by the subtitle of Ragnarok although it is not official. Specifically, the figure of a new art director is being sought.

God of War Ragnarok and another unannounced project by Sony Santa Monica

As the study itself has exposed through its social networks, are looking for an experienced art director to join the development of a new unannounced video game. Along with this, they indicate the place where you can apply to the position and leave a small gif of the art work of God of War 2018.

It is not the first time that Sony Santa Monica makes a similar maneuver and last year there were already several announcements on its official website where the video game for which it was running was not indicated. With this, Sony’s first party studio is confirmed to be working on at least two projects– The next God of War and this unannounced title that we don’t know more details about yet

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God of War Ragnarok continues with a premiere scheduled for 2021 on PS5, although recent statements such as David Jaffe’s have commented that it could also appear on PS4. It is one of the great exclusive names that will accompany the Sony console during its first stage.