Sony was “a little more ready” for the next generation than Microsoft, according to developers at Control.


Developing games for next-gen consoles is challenging, especially if you are developing them simultaneously on the current generation, as was the case with Remedy with Control. However, according to Thomas Puha, the challenge level has not been the same on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

The Remedy member commented that Sony was “a little more prepared” with its first PS5 developer tools and that initially it has been easier to make games like Control work on PS5 than on Xbox Series X and S.

He went on to say that both machines were great for making games, although they are both still troubleshooting system-level issues which is normal when dealing with new hardware and ultimately things will get better over time.

“Sony kept what worked, their development software and tools were pretty stable and good from the start,” says Puha. “Microsoft chose to change a lot of things, which in the long run are probably good, but it was a bigger hurdle for us developers because we had to rewrite a lot of things to take advantage of specific features.”

Puha has also commented that develop for Xbox Series S: it’s holding developers back a bit.

It’s no different from previous generations where the system with the lowest specs ends up dictating some of the things that you’re going to do, because you’re going to have to be able to run everything on that system.“, He said.

He added that it is becoming more and more expensive to make games on all platforms and get everything to work as it should.

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I don’t envy the people who are making Halo Infinite“, he comments.

Control: Ultimate Edition is available now for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, working fine on both. The original version was one of the best games of 2019.