Souls and Elden Ring creator Hidetaka Miyazaki to receive prestigious lifetime achievement award


The Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) in Japan has announced this award for the creative.

If for something you know FromSoftware It’s because of the Dark Souls saga, games like Bloodborne or recent releases like Elden Ring, but behind the studio there is a creative mind that has become one of the most important in the video game industry: Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Your influence in the industry is rewardedIn Japan they want to reward the work of the director and, therefore, the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) has decided award this year’s Special Award, one of the most prestigious in the Japanese industry. The main reason? Having influenced video games and the genre it deals with in the way it has.

“Starting with Demon’s Souls, the consistent high-difficulty game design continues to fascinate fans and break new ground in the genre,” says the organization. “His latest work, Elden Ring, is the culminationachieving a quality that far exceeds previous works and having received high praise from users around the world, becoming a huge success.”

Elden Ring

The award for his career will be given to him at the end of this month of August, although Miyazaki himself has admitted that he does not understand why Elden Ring is more played than Souls. The Japanese creative already prepare your next projectshaving stated that he is looking to explore a fantasy with a higher level of abstraction than seen before.

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