Sound Of Freedom Breaks The $100 Million Barrier


Sound Of Freedom Breaks The $100 Million Barrier:

A press statement says that “Sound of Freedom” has now made more than $100 million at the box office, sold more than 8.9 million tickets, and hit a new cinematic milestone for the company that made it, Angel Studios.

Hollywood’s usual summer hit recipe has been turned on its head by a new faith-based movie about child trafficking.

But the good result was by no means a given. The movie, which stars Jim Caviezel, required going through a lot of trouble to get made, and Disney even dropped it five years ago. The Sound Of Freedom is now the movie that everyone wants to see.

It was chosen by more than 100,000 people in the Angel Guild and helped along by untold tens of thousands of people through our Pay it Forward program.

This Movie Is Dominating The Box Office:

It is dominating the box office because of a grassroots movement of regular people who are making this a historic success, according to Jared Geesey, SVP of Global Distribution at Angel Studios.

“This is the reverse of the method that Hollywood censors came up with. We give people the power to help pick, pay, and share stories that spread light and change culture.

The Angel Guild was a group of more than 100,000 Angel Studios’ network members who are most active. The Angel Guild decides on all films that are good enough to be shown at Angel Studios.

Angel Studios will only show movies that have passed the Angel Guild. It taken five years to create the movie, but it’s already making money and getting a lot of attention.

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Box Office Mojo Stated That Movie Made $27.3 Million Upon 14 And 16 July:

Box Office Mojo says that it made $27.3 million over the weekend of July 14–16, which put it in second place at the box office. On July 4, the film surprised Hollywood when it made a greater profit than the most recent Indiana Jones movie.

Critics say the movie adds to conspiracy theories regarding trafficking, and experts say it doesn’t show how sex trafficking works in a true way. They are worried that the movie will spread false ideas about human trafficking, which could hurt real people.

Operation Underground Railroad Follows A Religious Organization That Rescued Children:

Operation Underground Railroad is a movie about a religious group that tried to save children by setting up stings. But some people don’t like the group’s methods, like letting people who don’t work within law enforcement join.

They have also said that the group put too much pressure on local officials, who weren’t ready to deal with what happened after the stings. People who went to the packed showings, on the other hand, say they leave with a goal and want to help get the word out about child trafficking.

Sound Of Freedom Based On A Real Story:

The movie Sound of Freedom, which is based on an amazing real story, brings light to the darkest places. After saving a young boy from cruel child traffickers, an FBI agent finds out that the boy’s sister is still in captivity and decides to go on a dangerous mission to save her.

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With time running away he leaves his employment and goes deep into the Colombian bush, putting his life at risk to save her from an outcome worse than death.