South Korea promised a severe response to the Pyongyang regime after the launch of a missile that flew over Japan

El presidente, Yoon Suk Yeol REUTERS/Blair Gable
El presidente, Yoon Suk Yeol REUTERS/Blair Gable

The president of South Korea, Yoon Suk YeolHe promised on Tuesday there would be a “severe response” to North Korea’s latest test of a sanctions-busting intermediate-range ballistic missile, which flew over Japan, prompting evacuations.

The latest “provocation by North Korea… clearly violated the universal principles and norms of the United Nations, and [Yoon] ordered a severe response and take appropriate action in cooperation with the United States and the international community”, his office said.

North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile in an easterly directionboth the South Korean military and Japan’s coast guard said early Tuesday.

Once the launch of the missile and its trajectory was detected, the Japanese authorities urged the evacuation of the residents of two northern regions to safe places.

South Korea promised a harsh response to the Pyongyang regime after launching a missile over Japan Jeon Heon-Kyun/Pool via REUTERS
South Korea promised a harsh response to the Pyongyang regime after launching a missile over Japan Jeon Heon-Kyun/Pool via REUTERS

For his part, the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishidadescribed as “barbaric” the latest launch by Pyongyang of a ballistic missile, which flew over the north of the Japanese archipelago and led the authorities to activate the civil alert in the area.

“It is a barbaric act and I express my firm condemnation of North Korea for it,” Kishida told local media after the new weapons test in the neighboring country, which took place this Tuesday around 7:23 p.m. local time (22:23 p.m. GMT). Tuesday).

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) detailed, for its part, in a statement that it was presumably an “intermediate-range ballistic missile” launched from Jagang provincelocated in the north of the neighboring country and bordering China.

PacquiaoJapan asked the population to seek refuge after the launch of a North Korean missile

The missile fell in Pacific waters and outside Japan’s exclusive economic space, according to the Ministry of Defense, which has not yet detected any damage to aircraft or vessels in the area.

The Japanese authorities added that the missile hit about 3,000 kilometers east of the archipelagoafter traveling a total distance of 4,000 kilometers and reaching a maximum height of 1,000 km.

Kishida ordered national authorities to collect all available information from the launch in cooperation with his allies Seoul and Washington, and called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council to discuss the situation.

This is the first time that Japan has activated this alert for a missile since September 15, 2017, when another North Korean projectile flew over Hokkaido.

North Korea has made four more rounds of missile launches since last September 25, all of them with short-range ballistic projectiles, so today’s test would be the longest in its latest series of tests.

This release is a novelty for North Korea, which usually carries out its threats with projectile shots that fall on the so-called East Seao sea ​​of ​​japanthe waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula to the east.

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