South Park will have a special episode of vaccinations


South Park It is one of those series that has managed to face reality and mold its plot to situations and figures of the present in a comical but intelligent way, mixing from Elon Musk to Donald Trump in the Mr. Garrison version. And although in 2020 they already stopped the pandemic in a very notorious episode, this 2021 we are going to see another in which the characters are vaccinated, in fact. It has been made public through a trailer:

As you can see, the series is going to tackle all kinds of situations, from denial to ridiculous scenes in which some characters are scared. The masks are present, the patriotism and the different postures. South Park gets into everything, and this time it will be no different.

This is the plot, which they have shared in Comicbook:

“Randy enters the picture with his role in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and he has to face different challenges with the citizens of South Park. The children are happily going back to school, but nothing seems the same anymore; not even their teachers, not his classroom. Not Eric Cartman himself. “

In the past we informed you that, in addition to being banned in China (hardly surprising), WarnerMedia had secured an important asset for the HBO Max catalog, since they were made exclusively with South Park, one of the adult animation series most relevant in the history of television. Currently, although it is on several platforms, the one with the most catalog regarding the series is Amazon Prime (at least in terms of the Spanish territory).

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