Southern Hospitality Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know 


Southern Hospitality Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know 

The Southern Charm franchise has become a beloved staple of Bravo’s reality TV lineup, and its latest spin-off, Southern Hospitality, has been captivating audiences since its debut in 2022. Centered around the dynamic staff of restaurateur Leva Bonaparte’s establishments in Charleston, South Carolina, this series has quickly established itself as a must-watch for fans of the opulent and occasionally tumultuous world of Southern high society. As we eagerly await the arrival of Southern Hospitality Season 3, the anticipation is palpable, with viewers eager to dive back into the charming yet chaotic lives of this eclectic ensemble.

Southern Hospitality Season 3 Release Date: 

While Bravo has yet to officially announce the renewal of Southern Hospitality for a third season, the signs are pointing to its return in the not-too-distant future. Season 1 premiered in November 2022, and the second season 2 followed a year later in December 2023, suggesting that the network is committed to keeping this spin-off on a consistent annual release schedule. Given the show’s growing popularity and the ongoing success of the broader Southern Charm franchise, it would be surprising if Bravo didn’t greenlight a third season. Despite the lack of an official release date, fans can likely anticipate the arrival of Southern Hospitality Season 3 in late 2024 or early 2025, assuming the network decides to proceed with the series.

Southern Hospitality Series Storyline Overview:

At the heart of Southern Hospitality lies the vibrant and fast-paced world of Leva Bonaparte’s restaurant and nightlife empire. The series follows the personal and professional lives of the staff at Republic Lounge & Garden and Bourbon and Bubbles Restaurant & Bar, as they navigate the challenges of working in the hospitality industry, while also exploring the nuances of their relationships, both on and off the clock. From explosive interpersonal conflicts to romantic entanglements, this series has proven to be a captivating blend of high-stakes drama and genuine camaraderie.

Viewers have encountered a diverse cast of characters in the first two seasons, each with their own unique personalities and storylines. From the ambitious and driven Maddi Reese to the emotionally charged Grace Lilly, the series has delved into the complexities of navigating personal and professional relationships in the cutthroat world of the Charleston social scene. Additionally, the series has explored the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ cast members, such as Mikel Simmons, as they navigate their identities and find acceptance within their close-knit community.

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Southern Hospitality Season 3 Expected Storyline:

As the series progresses, fans can expect the storylines to become increasingly complex and layered. With the potential introduction of new cast members and the continued development of existing characters, Season 3 is poised to deliver even more drama, intrigue, and heartwarming moments.

One area of focus is likely to be the ongoing power struggles and shifting alliances within Leva Bonaparte’s establishments. Tensions are bound to rise as the staff navigates the high-stakes world of Charleston’s hospitality industry, testing loyalties. Viewers can anticipate seeing new power dynamics emerge, as well as the potential for even more explosive confrontations between the ambitious and strong-willed personalities that make up the Southern Hospitality ensemble.

Additionally, the series may delve deeper into the personal lives of the cast, exploring the complexities of their romantic relationships, family dynamics, and personal growth. With the potential for new love interests, unresolved conflicts, and unexpected twists, Season 3 is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats as they follow the journey of their favorite characters.

Southern Hospitality Series list of Cast Members: 

The core cast of Southern Hospitality includes:

  • Leva Bonaparte: The series’ central figure, a successful Charleston restaurateur and the boss of the staff at her establishments.
  • Maddi Reese: A driven and ambitious server who navigates the personal and professional challenges of working at Republic Lounge & Garden.
  • Joe Bradley: A charming bartender who finds himself at the center of romantic entanglements within the group.
  • Grace Lilly: A server who struggles to balance her work responsibilities with her personal life and desires.
  • TJ Dinch: A server with a bold and outspoken personality, often at the center of workplace conflicts.
  • Mia Alario: A server who grapples with the expectations of her family and her own career aspirations.
  • Bradley Carter: A bartender known for his impeccable work ethic and dedication to his craft.
  • Emmy Sharrett: A server who serves as a confidante and voice of reason within the group.
  • Will Kulp: A server with aspirations of opening his own restaurant, navigating the demands of his job and personal life.
  • Lucía Peña: A server whose personal relationships and family obligations add an extra layer of complexity to her work life.
  • Mikel Simmons: A server who bravely navigates his journey of self-discovery and LGBTQ+ representation within the group.
  • Oisin O’Neill: A new addition to the cast in Season 2, brings his own unique perspective and dynamic to the ensemble.
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Southern Hospitality Season 3 List of Episodes: 

The list of episodes for Southern Hospitality Season 3 remains unannounced. However, based on the previous seasons’ episode counts, fans can expect a similar format, with approximately 8–11 episodes showcasing the continuing drama and adventures of the Charleston staff. Until the release of Southern Hospitality Season 3, we are sharing with you the list of episodes from its previous season.

  • Episode No. 1: “When Push Comes to Shovel”
  • Episode No. 2: “Message Delivered”
  • Episode No. 3: “Once Upon a Lie”
  • Episode No. 4: “Rumor Has It”
  • Episode No. 5: “Turning the Tables”
  • Episode No. 6: “Cat’s Out of the Bag”
  • Episode No. 7: “A Match Made in Miami”
  • Episode No. 8: “Hurricane Maddi”
  • Episode No. 9: “Circus Act”
  • Episode No. 10: “A Fare-Will Party”
  • Episode No. 11: “Reunion”

Southern Hospitality Series Creators Team:

Southern Hospitality is the brainchild of a talented team of producers and creators, led by the visionary Leva Bonaparte herself. As a cast member on the original Southern Charm series, Leva’s intimate knowledge of the Charleston social scene and her experience in the hospitality industry have been integral to the show’s authenticity and success.

Leva Bonaparte, Lamar Bonaparte, Josh Halpert, Bill Langworthy, and Aaron Rothman executive produce the series. This experienced team has worked extensively in the reality TV genre, with credits that include other hit Bravo shows like Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives franchises.

Haymaker East, a respected and award-winning production company known for its ability to capture the complexities of interpersonal relationships and high-stakes drama, is behind Southern Hospitality.

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Where to Watch Southern Hospitality Season 3? 

When Southern Hospitality Season 3 eventually premieres, fans will be able to watch the new episodes on Bravo, the original network that has hosted the series since its inception. Viewers can access the show via their cable or satellite television subscriptions, as well as by streaming it on Bravo’s official website or app, provided they have an authenticated login.

Additionally, the previous seasons of Southern Hospitality are currently available for streaming on various platforms, including Hulu, Peacock, and the Bravo app, allowing newcomers to catch up on the series before the highly anticipated third season debuts.

Southern Hospitality Season 3 Trailer: 

Since the series has not yet received an official renewal, there is currently no official trailer for Southern Hospitality Season 3. However, once Bravo confirms the show’s return, fans can expect a captivating trailer that teases the upcoming drama, romance, and personal struggles that will undoubtedly unfold in the third installment of this engaging reality TV franchise.

Southern Hospitality Season 3 Final Words: 

The anticipation for Southern Hospitality Season 3 is palpable among the show’s ever-growing fanbase. Viewers, drawn to the intriguing blend of high-stakes hospitality drama and the intricate personal lives of its dynamic ensemble cast, have established the series as a must-watch. As Leva Bonaparte and her talented team of producers continue to craft the narrative of Charleston’s social elite, fans can expect an even more captivating and unpredictable season filled with the charming chaos that has become the hallmark of this beloved Bravo spin-off. With the potential for new characters, unresolved conflicts, and unexpected twists, Southern Hospitality Season 3 is poised to deliver an unforgettable experience that will keep viewers hooked until the very end.