SP Legislative Council member shot dead at birthday party, one killed, police detained four people


Lucknow: A person named Rakesh Rawat was killed on the intervening night of Friday / Saturday at a government birthday party at Samajwadi Party Legislative Council member Amit Yadav’s government residence in Laplas in Hazratganj Kotwali area of ​​Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow. The police is interrogating the four accused in this case. Also Read – Rape of 10 rupees, the girl’s life was killed by pain, the court sentenced the rapist to death

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Somen Verma told ‘PTI-Language’ on Saturday that a case is being registered in the context of the incident and necessary action will be taken after that. Verma said that the accused taken in custody are being intensively questioned. Also Read – Uncle Shivpal Yadav will join hands with nephew Akhilesh, said- will get ready for election

According to the police, the birthday party of Vinay Yadav, a resident of Ismailganj in Ghazipur police station area, was held on Friday night at the official residence number 201 in Shah Lajnas of SP Legislative Councilor Amit Yadav from Shahjahanpur. Also Read – Seema Dhaka: Delhi’s first policeman to get out of turn promotion, who gave ‘life’ to 76 children

He said that the same party also joined Rakesh Rawat, a resident of Kajiana in Satrikh police station area of ​​Barabanki district, who was shot during a pistol. Rakesh was taken to the Trauma Center where he died.

According to the police, at the time when the party was going on, apart from Rakesh, Vinay Yadav, Rajiv Nagar resident of Lucknow’s Indira Nagar police station, Gyanendra Kumar, Aftab Alam of Sarvodayanagar in Indira Nagar area and Pankaj Singh of Kaliya in Shahjahanpur district were present. Were. Police said that Pankaj Singh was living in this house for the last five years.

Apart from MLAs, officials and journalists, many important people live in Laplas government residence. According to the police, Pankaj Singh called the 112 at around 2 in the night and told that he was speaking from the trauma center. He told that Rakesh Rawat has been shot, he was showing the gun to someone else but went on his own and he is injured.

He told that after about five minutes Pankaj again called and told that jokingly, the rifle in Vinay’s hand got fired and Rakesh got shot. Rakesh’s Trauma Center has been brought. After this, he gave many kinds of statements.

In the initial interrogation, the police told the four youths that the pistol had been brought by Rakesh Rawat and given to Vinay. While Vinay was checking the pistol, the fire was done but when the police inquired deeply, it was found that the pistol was Pankaj and was already present at his residence.

Rakesh was shot after being drunk in a beer while firing a pistol snatch. After this, everyone took Rakesh to the Trauma Center where he died.

On information, Hazratganj Kotwali reached the scene along with the police force in-charge and a forensic investigation was conducted by the field unit, securing the incident. Police have recovered pistols and magazines and cartridges from the scene. Necessary action is going on in this context.


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