Spain will be the third country in the world with the most cryptocurrency ATMs, thanks to the arrival of another 100 in 2022


Bitnovo and Eurocoin have signed an agreement to install more than 100 cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain. This will make Spain the country in Europe with the most ATMs. According to Bitnovo our country It will be the third country in the world in supply of ATMs for cryptocurrencies.

these cashiers allow cash transactions and without the need to resort to transfers or use cards. According to current data from Coin ATM Radar, Spain will be the third country in the world with the most crypto ATMs in the world, only behind the United States and Canada.

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A great interest in cryptocurrencies in Spain

Bitnovo Eurocoin Cryptocurrency ATMs

For these companies, Spain is “one of the countries where interest in cryptocurrencies reaches surprising magnitudes and according to the latest survey by Statista Global Consumer, ## is the second country in Europe in number of people who say they use or own cryptocurrencies.”

With these developments, people will be able to get currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Tether (USDT), among others. “Cryptocurrency ATMs, also called crypto ATMs, allow anyone to have access to Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies,” according to those responsible for Bitnovo.

According to the CEO of Eurocoin Spain, Fernando Dumont: “this is a strategic move by the company to expand our niche from traditional and digital payment systems to blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems. We believe that the future of payments in all its forms will coexist with the crypto universe in the short term.”

A Eurocoin Pay study states that “a large majority of (Spanish) investors, specifically 82.1%, they look at the price of cryptocurrencies at least once a day, and 54.6% of them look at it several times a day, which shows the great interest in this sector among Spanish investors”.


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