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Special request to Messi, the cabal before each game and the only failure in his adaptation in the NBA: 15 phrases from Facundo Campazzo

The announcement and thanks to his fans of Facu Campazzo for their participation in Instagram Live
The announcement and thanks to his fans of Facu Campazzo for their participation in Instagram Live

Facundo Campazzo made history by becoming the 13th Argentine to play the NBA. As a gift for his fans, the man from Cordoba gave a Instagram Live (@TeamFacu) where He told how he takes his adaptation in the most important basketball league on the planet. In turn, he caught on with users with a special request for Lionel Messi and revealed which is the cabal that accompanies him in every game.

“They are all very cool, very cool. They make me laugh a lot, we are a very nice group ”, Facu recognized in the first minutes of transmission. “At first they put me Spiderman, for the passes, but nobody tells me like that ”, he added in relation to the nicknames.

While the living was gaining notoriety, to the surprise of Cordoba who “expected 300 or 400 connected” and had more than 1,600, Facu said that Manu (Ginobili), Luis (Scola) and Pablo (Prigioni) were decisive in his adaptation. “They helped me a lot, in case I needed something and to tell me that they would be there to help me. They told me such a thing is like this, such another in this way and we continue to be in constant communication with the three of them, who spent more than 10 years playing here ”, he revealed.

On what the Golden Generation strongholds did and emphasize, Campazzo added: “They tell me to try experimenting on my own. I was with them in the National Team and I listened to them in the talks they gave at the table when we ate and they told things about the NBA that happened to them. They are there in case I need something, because I’m still small heh ”.

(Nicolás Stulberg)
(Nicolás Stulberg)

Regarding the defense, Facu recognized that “It’s totally different because they have the ball 50 times more” than in the World Cup or the Olympics. “It is 50 times more difficult. I’d like to defend Curry or Irving, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I will try to do everything possible ”.

When he recounted the intimacy of the Denver Nuggets squad, Campazzo valued Nicola Jokic: “He is a crack. Very close, it is not necessary to say how he plays. It breaks it into a thousand pieces. He sits next to me in the locker room and on the plane too, actually I sit next to him heh. It is very funny and funny, a crack. I hope I won the MPV, you really deserve it. He has an incredible intelligence to play, he sees the pass before everyone else ”.

And he revealed an anecdote with the Serbian as soon as he was presented on the campus. “So far he hasn’t told me anything about the World Cup. There was a presentation at the beginning for each new player, with a video and we all had to see them. And just mine came after his and the last play was the belt pass against Serbia and he shit with laughter. It was a nice moment, but I was very nervous I heh ”.

As the broadcast progressed, Campazzo was amazed at the large number of users participating. While he promised to add some of his fans to the interview for the next time, one of them suggested “dressing” Messi with the Nuggets clothing. “You have to send Messi, if we send it to him, maybe he’ll put it on”, joined.

The day that Lionel Messi, along with the Argentine national team, visited the Washington Wizards of the NBA (AFP)
The day that Lionel Messi, along with the Argentine national team, visited the Washington Wizards of the NBA (AFP)

On his present, he added: “M is going I think good. The first year of adaptation I am very calm in that sense. I want to take advantage of the opportunity that I have, this league is not easy. I will try every time I give 100 percent, but obviously I will always be there with my finger on the trigger, ready for any opportunity. “

“Entering an armed group I know is part of adaptation, I want to learn and I always try to be a student, a student and learn from my season, the league, rivals, teammates and the coaching staff. It’s part of the adaptation, taking advantage of that experience more than anything, ”he continued.

Campazzo also highlighted the trips: “They are great, there is always a single room and the hotels are amazing. You travel first. Everything so that the player only thinks about resting and playing the next day. We do not have a team dinner, each one asks for his own to eat. In that it is different from what I was used to, but it’s okay ”.

While did not dare to “take a foursome step” because there were 1600 people watching, he remarked that the speed of the game “is so fast that there is less space”. And he described: “At the same time there are more athletic players, that makes up for what it didn’t have in Spain. They come to you faster and you have to think in 0.5 seconds to pass, shoot or whatever ”.

The first interview with Facu Campazzo after his consecration day in the NBA

“Jamal Murray I love the winning mentality that he has. He is one of the ones that surprised me the most, seeing him live is the best thing yet, “said Facu, who was pleased that his family has quickly adapted to the new life in the United States and revealed the cabal: “Before I had many, now I hardly have any. If just one. Enter with the left foot, an idiot heh ”.

Finally, he told how he had to change his defense. “Here they punish you a lot with the issue of hands, That’s why I can’t use my hands much and you always have to show them up for the judges to see. Let them see that you don’t touch them, and only defend with your body. You have to be faster and it is more difficult, but I have to get used to it. In these last games I felt much better ”.

And he closed with his only failure in adaptation, the language. “In the note of the games I get very nervous and speaking in English makes me very tense. In fact I want to cut my hair, I need it because since I left Madrid I have not cut it. The Facu from 2009-2010 may appear, the one that was a flogger ”, he joked.

And closed: “I want to cut myself and I have a hairdressing issue. I don’t know how to tell you how I want to cut my hair in English. That stops me a bit when it comes to going to the hairdresser. I thought about shaving and voila, heh. But no, I have to gather courage and go and say I love him like this and all in English ”.

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