Speedrunner finishes Super Mario Odyssey in less than 58 minutes and sets a new record


This person assures that this time can still be improved, reaching even 56 minutes.

By Axel García / 19 comments

Since the launch of Super Mario Odyssey in 2017, the speedrunners They have tried to reduce more and more the time it takes to get to the credits of the game. Surpassing records of less than 1 hour in various sessions, now the world record has changed to 57 minutes and 21 seconds.

Tyron18 says he could improve his record to 56 minutesTyron18 it is who owns this new brand, under the conditions of ‘any percentage’. In other words, the speedrunner can ignore any quests and optional content, and only needs to finish the title from start to finish. The player can also take advantage of any glitch present in the game, in order to save even more time.

This new brand exceeds 57:35 from Rushia1, the previous holder of the best time in Super Mario Odyssey. “The beginning was crazy in this session,” said Tyron18. “Unfortunately we lost 30 seconds on mssl, which was sad.”

Super Mario Odyssey

Tyron18 assures that he will be able to to get better your time on your next attempt, and hit a new mark of 56 minutes. If you wonder how this is even possible, watching the video of his recent record you will notice the numerous glitches, which allow to finish the Nintendo game in such short times.

Speedrunners often surprise the communities of various video games, showing that you can reach the credits of our favorite titles in times that we did not even imagine. Regardless of whether they are deliveries with many years on top, like Super Mario 64, or releases from this year, like Metroid Dread, there will always be someone trying to overcome even by one second, the lowest existing time.

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