Spider-man 3 will be set around Christmas time


He filming spider-man 3 has already started in the city of Atlanta and leaves us the first images of Tom Holland playing the wall-crawler again. Among the curious details of the filming set of the film he directs Jon Watts We have been able to find the Christmas setting that it will have, as can be seen in some of the filtered images.

In one of them you can see a sweet and donut shop called Peter Pan in which there is Christmas decoration on the façade, in addition to the snow on the entrance floor as if Filomena had passed by. Interestingly, it perfectly recreates a real store located at 727 Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn, even featuring the same number.

Considering that the premiere of Tom Holland’s third solo adventure is scheduled to premiere on December 17, 2021, It may have been a decision taken afterwards so that the public who go to the movie theaters connect more by sharing the time and setting with what they see on the big screen. The shooting of the series Hawkeye also seemed to be set at Christmas, so perhaps both productions are connected in some way.

Also, a series of images published by Just Jared allow us to better see the suit that the wall-crawler will wear on this occasion, being practically identical to that of Spider-Man: Far from Home, but with a variant in the belt that brings him closer to the design of comics.

One of the rumors that most accompany the future Spider-Man 3 (working title) is the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to join Tom Holland in the first Spider-verse in real image, something feasible after the success of Spider-Man: A New Universe in animation. It is not officially confirmed, although the Sony Latam channel leaked it in a promotional video. Even Charlie Cox looks like he’s coming back as Daredevil.

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