Splitgate feeds on Halo Infinite: PlayStation users increase with the return of the Master Chief


The CEO of 1047 Games believes that the game exposes the shooter idea to players who have not played Halo or Quake.

The shooter genre has been expanded with all kinds of proposals, and it is possible that Halo be one of the best known franchises in the field. His proposal, along with that of various games of the style, have inspired the creation of Splitgate: Arena Warfare. A title whose fusion of Halo and Portal has managed to convince more than 10 million players during its open beta. However, the Master Chief has a great influence in the sector, something that is also perceived in the player traffic the Split Gate.

I think in the long run Halo Infinite and Splitgate can help each otherIan ProulxAs confirmed by the CEO of 1047 Games in The Loadout, they have seen an increase in the number of players on PlayStation after the launch of the campaign from Halo Infinite: “I’m really glad that [Halo Infinite] has been released. I honestly think that in the long term Halo Infinite and Splitgate can help each other, “explains Ian Proulx, CEO of the developer.” I think there is a lot of noise and a lot of battle royale right now, and [estos dos juegos] they’re taking people into the arena shooter genre. “

Splitgate: Arena Warfare

After all, Splitgate was born thanks to all those shooters that have accompanied us in our childhood as players: “You know, there are many children who have never played Halo, truth? There are many children who have never played Quake The Unreal Tournament. They have never played this kind of title. And expose them to that I think is a positive aspect for the genre like an everything”.

Of course, the launch of the Halo Infinite campaign has caught the attention of all shooting fans. Something to which one of the co-creators of Halo, which considers this adventure as the recovery of the magic of the franchise. As for Splitgate, 1047 Games has big plans with its shooter, as it is preparing a version more optimized for Xbox Series and PS5, and intends to bring the delivery to Nintendo Switch and mobiles.

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