Sports betting is Sweeping Across the US: Beginners Guide to Sports Betting


Sports betting is taking the United States by Storm. Following the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, the growth of sports betting in the US has been incredible and in 2020 alone, the total revenue for sports betting in the United States was $1.55 billion. The regulations surrounding sports betting differs from state to state but we are seeing more states making sports betting legal every year. At the time of writing, California, Florida, Kansas, Maine, and Nebraska are all in the process of legalizing sports betting. As sports betting sweeps across the US, now is a suitable time to look at the basics of sports betting for beginners.

Use a Legal Sportsbook App

However tempting it may be to try an offshore sportsbook, you should only use sportsbook apps that are legal in your state. The main reason being your own safety. When using a sportsbook, you are betting using your own money and making transactions online, so using a legal sportsbook is safe and secure. In addition, should you run into any problems when using a legal sportsbook app, a customer support team will be on hand to help you. We have found this excellent guide on Gamble USA to beginners sports betting apps and here you will see reviews of the best sports betting apps for newcomers.

Bet on Sports/Teams You Know

As a beginner to sports betting, you should start by only betting on the sports you know. If you follow NFL closely but rarely watch any NBA games, it makes sense to bet on the NFL and leave the NBA for another time. You will be able to look down the list of NFL games at a mobile sportsbook and immediately begin to form ideas of the teams on which you want to bet. The same would not be true for NBA games and you will be purely guessing if you have no knowledge of the sport. While there is always a risk involved in sports betting, because nobody can predict an outcome with 100% certainty, you will have a better chance of a successful outcome by betting on sports you know.

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Conduct Research

Even when betting on a sport you love, you must always do some research before placing a bet. Taking the NFL again as an example, you must look at the team news for the game before betting. If the star quarterback for a team is missing because of injury, that is going to have a major impact on the game and possibly the result. Other factors to consider include the motivation of the two teams to win, the home and away record of the teams, head-to-head record of the teams, and recent form of the teams. You can also look at betting tips online for some advice but as a beginner, you should be forming good habits and that means conducting your own research before betting.

Bet Small

When starting out in the world of sports betting, keep your stake small. You do not want to be betting substantial amounts of money when you are new to sports wagering because there is a learning curve involved. The more money you bet, the more you stand to lose and when you are learning the ropes, it is best to keep the stake amounts small until you build up some confidence. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. This is the single most important piece of advice when betting on sport or participating in any form of gambling. Know your limits and stick to them. Sports betting should be fun and managing your bank roll will help keep it that way.