Sports Betting: Tips for Online Punters


Betting on the outcome of sports games has a long history, dating back to Roman times. Thousands of years down the line, the sports betting market remains as vibrant as ever. If you are thinking of trying your luck as a punter, we would like to give you some ideas on how to go about it, from selecting a bookmaker and finding casino bonus codes to opening an account and deciding which types of bets to place.

Legislation Issue

The first question that most newbies ask is whether it is legal to wager on sports online. Well, that depends on your country, of course. But it is never a problem anyway, for the punters, at least. Very few places in the world ban esports unequivocally and unconditionally. The money is simply too good for the State Revenues to ignore it.

Typically, the legislation either says nothing on the subject, making the sports betting not exactly illegal thereby, or prohibits local companies from providing these services, letting offshore companies do it instead. Now, offshore bookmakers are registered outside the restricted area and, therefore, they are not subject to local jurisdiction, which the latter is quite happy about.

Searching for the Right Platform

First, you need to find a good gambling site. There are many of them around, and you do not have to stick with one operator. But you should eliminate the bad ones from the list. The following rules of thumb will help you with the task:

  1. The company must have one or, ideally, several international licenses and accreditations, and its terms and conditions, as well as its privacy policy, must be clear and transparent. Furthermore, all this information should be easy to find on its website.
  2. The application process should be hassle-free, but it must include identity verification to maintain an optimal level of security.
  3. The operator must ensure that all of your personal and financial information will be protected by using the 128-bit or, even better, 256-bit SSL encryption technology.
  4. The platform’s payment system should be convenient, support diverse payment methods and accept deposits and withdrawals in multiple currencies, or all major ones, at least.
  5. Well-established companies also offer a wide selection of generous promotional programs, ranging from welcome bonuses, with and without deposits, to various loyalty programs and VIP tournaments. Check their wagering requirements, though, as some of them could be pretty tough.
  6. The bookmaker should provide:
  • Live-streaming as well in-play and pre-match betting, all of which should be available on desktop and mobile app
  • Comparatively lucrative odds and high payouts
  • Multiple types of bets, which should include point spreads, team/player props and moneyline
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Multiple Betting

However, if you find many good operators, you do not need to knuckle your brains trying to decide which one is the best. On the contrary, it makes a lot more sense to diversify your bets by distributing them across several platforms. This way, you can always shift to some of them at the times when the others are facing a downturn. And you can get more bonuses this way too.

Sports and Bets

The table below shows the most popular and profitable sports games and types of bets at the moment. You can search the internet for relevant information and look up the meaning of the terms on Wikipedia or other sources.

Games Bets


Horse Racing


e.g. Dota 2, CS:GO

and League of Legends


Point Spreads


Player/Team Props



Registering with a Bookmaker

When you find suitable platforms, it is time to open accounts with them. But you can try them in demo mode first, if possible. You will not be able to wager, though, but it helps to test a site first.

The registration will be easy and quick, but you should remember the two commandments of the online gambling industry: 

No underage players!

No multiple accounts on one platform!


You will need to:

  • Check the legal age for gambling in your country
  • Get yourself a mobile number, preferably on an advanced Android device (you will need the number for the verification and financial transactions, and the device – for mobile betting)
  • Make sure you do not register on the same platform twice – on your desktop and mobile app
  • Search for promo coupons, which some operators will ask you to enter in order to claim their bonuses, and remember to enter the welcome bonus code at registration as it will not be valid afterwards


Sports betting is an exciting and a potentially profitable pastime, as long as you do not go overboard with your bets or hope to make a fortune from them. It is entertainment, after all, and if you learn the tricks of the game and find a reliable bookmaker, you can have good fun right on your mobile device, and make some dough occasionally too.