Spotify is the streaming platform with the worst sound quality among the big ones, and it will continue like this for longer despite its promises


Today we can find multiple streaming music platforms that have a specific plan to listen to HiFi content, that is, audio without quality loss. But nevertheless, Spotify, the most widespread of all, does not yet offer this service. And everything indicates that it is still missing for it to arrive.

From Spotify they released a statement through their forums where they assured that today They still do not have an expected release date for the arrival of their HiFi version.

Spotify HiFi was expected by the end of 2021 and here we are still waiting

If we remember, it was in February of last year when the firm pointed to the end of 2021 for the exit of its HiFi service, however, as you have seen, the lossless audio has not yet appeared, and everything indicates that its release has been delayed indefinitely.

Music streaming services, face to face: this is what they offer us after the ordeal of Apple Music and Amazon Music

This service could already be tested by a small group of people through an additional subscription to Premium, being something like a test before its official launch. Yet the days go by, already today It is the only service of the greats that does not have a HiFi plan. From Spotify they comment the following on the subject:

We know that HiFi audio quality is important to you. We believe the same, and we are eager to offer a HiFi experience to our Premium users in the future. But we do not have details about its launch yet. Of course we will keep you informed whenever possible.

Tough competition

Both Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer or Qobuz have HiFi plans to enjoy music without loss of quality. Only YouTube Music continues to offer standard quality alongside Spotify. In fact, in Apple’s case, offers this advantage in its standard subscription, having made its more than 90 million songs available without loss of quality.

It seems that Spotify is going to have to put the batteries to offer a HiFi experience to match, since there is a fairly high level in the competition. There are no details yet on how Spotify will implement this feature on its service, as there are still doubts whether it will be an additional subscription or integrated into Premium.


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