Square Enix also registers Ever Crisis in Europe


At the beginning of this month of January 2021, Square Enix registered the trademark in Japan Ever Crisis, among other brands that also suggested some kind of relationship with Final Fantasy VII usually. And today, we can say that this Ever Crisis record has also taken place in Europe and Canada. So we could be very close to some kind of worldwide announcement regarding the saga.

At this point it is difficult to know what it could be, but it is inevitable to think of the Final Fantasy VII compilation when we read that of Crisis in a Square Enix title. Not surprisingly, two of the various products that made up that compilation had that word in their title (Crisis Core and Before Crisis).

The information, which has been discovered by Final Weapon, would not be the only one that these days is appearing around Final Fantasy VII. In fact, there are many rumors about the possibility that Square Enix will announce a version of the remake for PS5 soon.

Something that, if it came true, would confirm a version with improvements and possible news. And not just the usual backward compatibility between PS4 and PS5, such as improved loading times, which is already present with the current version.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ending Explained

On the other hand, at this time it is completely unknown what will happen to the future of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Considering the controversial (but also daring) ending of the game, many do not rule out that the next part is much more “free” in terms of adapting the original story.

And we don’t know to what extent this Ever Crisis could be related to the next parts of the remake. In which case something similar could happen with the record of The Last Soldier, which is currently only effective in Japan. We hope to get out of doubt soon. Of course we will be attentive to tell you.


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