Square Enix Congratulates the New Year by Embracing NFTs and Blockchain Gaming


The CEO of the company was enthusiastic about the concept of Metaverso and suggested creating a cryptocurrency of their own.

We will not be able to say that Square Enix he has not warned us. A couple of months ago, the Japanese company was already talking about making a solid entry into the NFT gaming segment, after a successful first test in the mobile video game Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur. For your part, Yosuke Saito, NieR producer, shared his interest in NFTs in the industry and talked about the possibility of making a game with them.

However, the New Year’s greeting letter from the president of the company that Square Enix has shared on its website goes much further and denotes a great enthusiasm on the part of Yosuke Matsuda for these controversial new technologies. Matsuda has spoken of the importance of metaverso, betting because this is not a buzzword, but “a concept that has come to stay”.

Square Enix Congratulates the New Year by Embracing NFTs and Blockchain Gaming

Matsuda confident that NFT games will be a trend going forwardMatsuda has talked about how blockchain games “have the potential to enable self-sustained growth of the game“, putting the focus on those players who” play to contribute. “The CEO has explained that while the games are focused on satisfying those who play for fun, there are no real incentives for those who play motivated to contribute to the game, the system blockchain could compensate these types of players with their own economy.

For this, Square Enix has raised the possibility of introduce your own cryptocurrency for model games play-to-earn. Matsuda has been moved by what he has called “decentralized games“, a gaming ecosystem with its own economy where users would receive direct incentives in the form of a token.

The CEO of Square Enix has confirmed that the incorporation of these decentralized games in the company will be a strategic factor for this 2022. Matsuda has also shown his desire for these kinds of games to become “a major trend in video games in the future. “A trend that Ubisoft already joined after the presentation of its first NFTs with Ubisoft Quartz and the Digits.

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