Square Enix Presents: schedule and how to see the presentation event of the new Life is Strange


Square Enix announced a new digital event where it will show the latest updates on its projects and in which announcements, news and previews of its games will take place. With the official name of Square Enix Presents, it will take the form of a digital series that Square Enix intends to send us on a regular basis, as is the case with Nintendo Direct, Inside Xbox and State of Play.

Of course, IGN will keep an eye on the broadcast and as usual we provide you with everything you need to know to enjoy the event, including when it starts, where you can watch it, as well as a little reminder of what to expect.

Square Enix Presents Inaugural – Event Date, Time and Duration

The first Square Enix Presents event will take place tomorrow, March 18, 2021. The broadcast is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). In addition, we know that it will last about 30 minutes, approximately.

How to watch the Square Enix Presents event (March 2021)

Square Enix will broadcast the event live through two of its official channels. On the one hand with his Twitch channel, and on the other with his YouTube channel.

In any case, if you follow IGN news, you will also be aware of the news that the event leaves.

What will Square Enix show?

Square Enix has had no qualms about teasing which games it plans to include in the show. The lineup includes Outriders, Marvel’s Avengers, Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary, Just Cause Mobile, Balan Wonderworld, and new games from Square Enix Montreal. However, the main poster is the world premiere of a new and upcoming game Life is Strange, which Square Enix has confirmed will have. “A whole new cast and story.”.

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The event comes just two weeks from the Outriders release date (April 1). And it also airs on the same day that Marvel’s Avengers hits PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, and releases the Hawkeye DLC for the game. Therefore, both games should be featured from the stream.

As for Balan Wonderworld, it will be released this month. More specifically, it will arrive on March 26, 2021, so we may hear some news related to that. In fact, Square Enix recently published a blog post announcing that Balan Wonderworld will have a day one patch that adjusts camera shake, controls, and balances difficulty. It also revealed a bit about the first three worlds of the game.

There will be some mobile gaming news based on the inclusion of Just Cause Mobile and “New games from Square Enix Montreal.”. If you’re unfamiliar, Square Enix Montreal is the mobile game developer behind Lara Croft Go, Deux Ex Go, and more.

Life is Strange 2 is Beautifully Boring

Last but certainly not least is the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider, for which Square Enix previously launched a dedicated web page. In addition, he revealed that several of the old Tomb Raider games would be taken into account during the celebration. We may also hear more about what Square Enix has in store.