Square Enix registra Ever Crisis y The Last Soldier

Square Enix has registered new trademarks in Japan. It was on December 17 when he recorded the following: Ever Crisis and The Last Soldier, which would be contained for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In addition, the Shinra Electric Company logo was registered on December 22, which is also food for thought. No official statement has been made by Square Enix, which we still hope will expand the remake that became the most anticipated by all fans of the Square Enix saga (which was only Square at the time of the original release. in PSX).

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ending Explained

Less than half a year ago it was confirmed that the video game has exceeded five million units sold in physical and digital format on PS4. And that when it has not yet appeared on Xbox One, something that will take place this year, on April 10, that is, just a year after it hit the market for the Sony desktop of the last (and recent) generation. i.e PS4.

Source: Finalweapon

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