STALKER 2 will run at 4K with Ray Tracing Support and will come to Game Pass


GSC Game World, developer of STALKER 2, has announced that the long-awaited sequel will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on its launch day and that it will incorporate technology ray tracing and 4K resolution.

In an update via the Xbox Wire blog, GSC said we can be confident: the title will hit Xbox Game Pass on the day of its release.

Additionally, they have detailed the current progress of the game: “we move slowly, including Xbox Series X / S as well. The idea is to launch the product with the highest possible quality on all platforms for which it has been announced. With fast hard disk reading RTX support (on X and S Series) and 4K resolution (on X Series), we are delighted to see STALKER 2 becoming the experience we wanted from the beginning. “

If we rely on the trailer with in-game scenes that was released in December last year, it is more than clear that the game will have a great graphic weight. What is not being fulfilled is that aspiration that it could reach 120fps in Series X (or a high-end PC).

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