Star Citizen offers a content pack for $ 40,000, and the community has not been slow to make jokes


The game, which is still in Early Access, has drawn attention for its spatial premise.

Of course, Star Citizen has become quite a phenomenon. Although it is still in Early Access, players have not stopped trusting the Cloud Imperium Games product. The developer, from his position, has managed to raise more than 400 million dollars and continues expanding the gaming experience with all kinds of updates.

However, the title also has a few crazy ideas, and this is what a Reddit user found a few days ago. Surfing the net, Your_Lordship has signaled the launch of the content pack Commissioner 2951, which contains more than 100 ships of the highest range in the game. But the most unusual detail is its price: a figure that amounts to $ 40,000.

Fuente: Reddit (Your_Lordship)Fuente: Reddit (Your_Lordship)

These kinds of strategies often infuriate gaming communities, but Star Citizen users haven’t been long in coming. make jokes about. In the same Reddit thread you can read mentions about the price of other packs and objects of the delivery, as well as calculations on all the Star Citizen items that can be purchased for such an amount of money.

Be that as it may, it is clear that Star Citizen is a most peculiar game. Although Cloud Imperium Games carries several years of development behind his back, the community does not seem to care about the wait. In addition, your Early Access continues to receive content dedicated to gamers, as we have seen recently with the recovery of a very beloved game mode among fans.

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