Star Quinton, The Blind Side Aaron Stands Up For Sandra Bullock In The Heartbreaking Legal Battle Between The Tuohy Family


Star Quinton, The Blind Side Aaron Stands Up For Sandra Bullock In The Heartbreaking Legal Battle Between The Tuohy Family:

Quinton Aaron, who played the father in The Blind Side, has weighed in on the Tuohy family’s court fight. He has one simple request for those who want Sandra Bullock to give back the Best Actress Oscar she earned for playing Leigh Anne Tuohy’s mother: “Be quiet.”

Aaron, who played now-retired NFL player Michael Oher during the Best Picture-nominated movie, told EW that Oher’s claims that the Tuohy family never really adopted him but tricked him into a conservatorship to make money have been “shocking” and “heartbreaking.”

The actor also compares those who bring Bullock into the story to “looters” who show up at a fight just to “cause havoc.” “Go sit within the corner, face the wall, as well as think about what you just stated,” Aaron jokes. The two have nothing in common.

Aaron Says That The Blind Side Has Provided So Many People Hope:

Sandra didn’t try to hide the truth from anyone. You know what I indicate? This wasn’t made by Sandra. She worked as an actor and got paid for it. She did it well, and people took notice of her skills. Why don’t you let her have that?

My mom always told me to think before I speak, and now I understand why. Aaron says that “The Blind Side” has given so many people hope.

It breaks my heart as these are people I’ve met, people I’ve come to respect and came to know during the time we worked on the endeavor that saved my existence, and to hear this in the news is upsetting.

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The Tale Of Oher Is Told In The 2009 Movie:

I just hope that the two can find a way to work things out so that everyone is made whole while it doesn’t totally destroy what they’ve built over the years. After all, they were a family, movie or no movie.

The 2009 movie tells the tale of Oher, a poor black kid who is taken within by the white Tuohys shortly thereafter sees his promise as a student and a football player.

A 14 Page Petition Asking For Him To No Longer Be Under The Care Of A Guardian:

Oher says in a 14-page letter asking for the end of his conservatorship that the adoption at the center of the 2009 movie is a lie and that the Tuohys set up the conservatorship so they could legally do business in his name.

The former football player wants the Tuohys to stop using his name and picture. He also wants to know how much money the Tuohys made by “exploiting” his name.

Is The Story In ‘The Blind Side’ True?

The movie is a dramatic version of “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game,” a 2006 book by “Moneyball” author Michael Lewis. Lewis wrote the book while Oher played college football at the University of Mississippi.

Oher’s real-life story was also used in the book to show how the left tackle defends the “blind side” of most right-handed passers from pass rushers. So, the name.

Oher named out “The Blind Side” before the case, even though he knew the movie took some creative liberties with the story.

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Oher Doesn’t Like The Way The Movie Shows Him:

Oher wrote in his 2011 book, “I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness to ‘The Blind Side as well as Beyond,” written with author Don Yaeger, that he didn’t like how the movie “portrayed” him.

Oher wrote, “I felt like they made me out to be stupid instead of a kid who had never had consistent academic instruction but did well once he got it.”

The Movie Focuses On How A Family Helped Me Become The Best Person I Could Be:

The Blind Side focuses on how one family made me reach my highest potential, yet who were the people and events that put me on their path?

“As anyone in my extended family can tell you, they were simply a component of a complicated chain of events and people that helped me succeed,” he wrote. “They were a big part of it, but I had already started my journey a long time before they came along.”

Who Earned Money From The Movie ‘The Blind Side’?

Oher’s plea says that Leigh Anne as well as Sean Tuohy made a movie pact that gave both of their two real children $225,000 and 2.5% of the film’s net profits.

The petition says that Oher signed a deal alongside 20th Century Fox in 2007. He didn’t know it at the time, but the company gave away the narrative rights “without any compensation at all.” Oher’s plea says that Michael got nothing for a story that wouldn’t have been written without him.

Sean Touhy Stated That Lewis Provided Us Half Of What He Was Supposed To Get:

Sean Touhy disagreed with Oher’s story. He told the Daily Memphian newspaper, “We didn’t make any money off the movie,” and added that Lewis “provided us half of his share” of the money the author got for the movie.

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“Michael got the same amount as everyone else in the family. “Each one cost about $14,000,” said Touhy. In an interview alongside The Washington Post, Lewis stated that even though the movie was a hit, no one who worked on the story made millions.

Each Member Of The Tuohy Family Made About $350,000 From The Movie:

Lewis said, “Everyone should be angry at the Hollywood studio system.” “Michael Oher should go on strike with the writers.

It’s crazy how accounting works in Hollywood, but the money doesn’t go to the Tuohys. Lewis said that in the end, he and the Tuohys each made about $350,000 from the movie.