Star Wars: Andor Season 2 begins filming this month and confirms it will take us to a new planet


Andor creator Tony Gilroy has revealed not only that the second and final season of the Disney+ series will start shooting on November 21but also that would take us to yavin on his way to connect with Rogue One.

Speaking to Collider, Gilroy confirmed Luthen Rael actor Stellan Skarsgård’s words that the second season of Andor would begin production in late 2022.

The road to Rogue One has become a bit clearer.

Gilroy also confirmed that Ariel Kleiman (The Resort, Yellowjackets), Janus Metz (Borg McEnroe, True Detective) and Alonso Ruizpalacios (Outer Range, Narcos: Mexico) will be part of the directing team and that the season will be divided into blocks like this first. Kleiman will take the bulk of the work with six episodes, and the other six will be shared between Metz and Ruizpalacios.

Gilroy’s brother Dan Gilroy and Beau Willimon will return to write in the second season alongside newcomer Tom Bissellwho is, according to Gilroy, “a really great writer and very, very interesting and versatile and very good. But he’s also a huge Star Wars fan, and we wanted to make sure we got another professional because we’re going into Rogue [One].”

We were also given a little sneak peek of the second season, as Gilroy confirmed that we’re going to a very important place in that galaxy far, far away.

“…and we go to Yavin, and then we go to places where we eventually need to weave our way back to the source,” Gilroy said.

For those unfamiliar, the Yavin system, and specifically a moon in the system called Yavin 4, was a key location in the Galactic Civil War. The Battle of Yavin, also known as the Battle of the Death Star, was the battle in Episode IV in which Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance achieved a major victory over the Empire by destroying the Death Star.

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Yavin 4 was also the home of the Rebel Alliance before their headquarters moved to the snowy planet of Hoth.

It had previously been confirmed that the first season of Andor would take place over a year and that the second would cover the four years prior to Rogue One. The second season, like the first, will consist of 12 episodes.

If you want to know more, check out how Andor reveals the divided factions of the Rebel Alliance.