Star Wars Rebels Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know


Star Wars Rebels is a 3D animated science fiction TV show made by Lucasfilm Animation. It takes place 14 years after the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The show takes place in the dark ages when the Galactic Empire is in search of the last Jedi and an uprising against it Empire is starting to take shape. Ralph McQuarrie’s original Star Wars trilogy has a big impact on how the show looks.

On October 16, 2017, season 4 came out, and Heroes of Mandalore, a one-hour TV special, came out at the same time. On March 5, 2018, the last episode of the season was shown. Fans have been waiting for a new season for a long time, so let’s get right to it. Here’s everything you need to know about the fifth season of Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars Rebels Season 5 Renewal Status

Dave Filoni, who made the show, says there won’t be a fifth season of Star Wars Rebels. During the run of the Star Wars animated series, well-known characters like Princess Leia, Mon Mothma, Emperor Palpatine, and Darth Vader all made appearances. However, the show’s main draw was always its main cast of new key characters. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which took place a few years before the Rebellion became known, the Ghost Crew was made up of Hera, Kanan, Sabine, Zeb, Chopper, and Ezra. They only worked on Lothal and the nearby planets. Still, fans were interested in both their shared and separate stories.

After four great seasons, Star Wars Rebels ended in 2018. The Ghost Crew was able to keep the Empire, led by Grand Admiral Thrawn, from taking over Lothal. The end of the series did, however, leave some questions unanswered, such as where Ezra Bridger is. He disappeared with the bad guy so that he couldn’t do any more damage on his home planet. After the Empire was defeated in Return of the Jedi and a long time passed, Ahsoka and Sabine went on a mission to find the missing Jedi. Filoni says he has really no initiatives for a Star Wars Rebels season 5, even though it would be a good story.

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Star Wars Rebels Season plot and series summary

A brave and smart group of people from different starships stand up to the evil Empire as it gets tighter its hold on the galaxy and goes after the last Jedi Knight.

Set between Star Wars Episodes III and IV, the story takes place during a dark time when the evil Galactic Empire is getting stronger and stronger. Imperial forces have taken over a faraway planet and are making the people’s lives very hard. The crew of the starship Ghost, which includes the cowboy Jedi Kanan, the ace pilot Hera, the street-smart teenager Ezra, the “muscle” Zeb, the warrior Sabine, and the cranky old astromech droid Chopper, is one of the few brave enough to stand up to the Empire. Together, they will face dangerous new bad guys, meet interesting opponents, go on exciting adventures, and then become heroes who can start a rebellion.

Star Wars Rebels Season 5 Cast

If the show is renewed, we expect all the main characters to come back (even Kanan Jarrus, in flashbacks obviously).

  • Taylor Gray plays Ezra Bridger, a teenager who is a con artist. Kanan takes him in and trains him to be a Jedi.
  • Hera Syndulla is played by Vanessa Marshall. She is the daughter of the Ryloth freedom fighter Cham Syndulla and a Twi’lek pilot who became a Rebel Commander and General.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. plays Kanan Jarrus, who used to be known as Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume and lived through the events of Order 66. He is Ezra’s teacher and the leader of the Ghost Crew.
  • Sabine Wren is a young Mandalorian warrior who loves art and is played by Tiya Sircar.
  • Steven Blum plays Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios, a rebel and former member of the Last Honor Guard who wished the Empire to pay for making his people slaves.
  • Dave Filoni plays Chopper, Hera’s astromech droid, who used to be called “Himself” before the season 4 finale. Chopper is a bit of a risk-taker.
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Also, we expect a few more:

  • James Earl Jones plays Darth Vader, who was once Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and is now a powerful Sith Lord and the apprentice of Emperor Palpatine.
  • Anakin Skywalker, a former Jedi Knight who became Darth Vader, is played by Matt Lanter.
  • Agent Kallus, played by David Oyelowo, is a powerful member of the Imperial ground team whose job is to keep an eye on Imperial activities.
  • Keith Szarabajka plays Cikatro Vizago, a Devaronian crime boss for whom the Ghost crew sometimes runs errands and smuggles goods in exchange for credits and details.
  • Phil LaMarr plays Bail Organa, who is a senator from the planet Alderaan, the owner of the droids C-3PO and R2-D2, and one of the secret leaders of the Rebel Alliance. Leia Organa is his adopted daughter.
  • As part of Ryder Azadi’s rebel cell, Dante Basco plays Jai Kell, a native of Lothal who helps Ezra and the Ghost crew while the Empire is occupying Lothal.
  • Captain Rex, played by Dee Bradley Baker, was a top Clone trooper who worked for Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. He also does the voices of Commander Wolffe and Captain Gregor.
  • Ashley Eckstein plays Ahsoka Tano, who was Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan and now helps the rebels in important ways.

Star Wars Rebels Season 5 Plot

We don’t know where Season 5 of Star Wars Rebels would go. But based on how Season 4 ended with the two-part finale “Family Reunion – and Farewell,” we could guess where the story could go. At the time it premiered, Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels seemed to be the end of the story. It ended on a number of interesting notes. After the last episode of Season 4, fans want to find out what occurred to Ezra and where he went.

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After three seasons of finding his place in the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, improving his Force skills, and becoming a Jedi with the assistance of his mentor Kanan Jarrus, Ezra finally seemed to have the power to both resist Palpatine’s attempts to get him to join the Dark Side and help free his home planet, Lothal. Ezra used the Force to call the Purrgil, which are giant purple whales that can travel through hyperspace, and the Loth-Wolves to kill Grand Admiral Thrawn and his army in a final showdown. He then had the Purrgil jump back into hyperspace, taking Ezra, Thrawn, and the whole Imperial fleet with it.

Also, the crew of the Ghost, who we’ve been following since the beginning of Rebels, went their separate ways at the end of Season 4. Sabine and Ahsoka went on a new mission to find Ezra, who went missing after the fight with Thrawn. As shown in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Hera, and Rex keep fighting as part of the Rebel Alliance. They fight in the Battle of Scarif and the Battle of Endor. Through a jump in time, it was also shown that Hera gave birth to Jacen, her and Kanan’s son.

Even though the end of Season 4 was thought to be the end of the Star Wars Rebels story, the jump into the future and the many ways to show the Skywalker saga from a different point of view (through the eyes of the remaining Rebels characters) would make for an extremely exciting way to take the story and Star Wars in general.

Star Wars Rebels Season 5 Release Date

As we’ve already said, the show has been canceled as of now, so there’s no set date for when it will come out, and there isn’t a trailer or any information about how it will be made.