Starfield could arrive in 2021 and Bethesda would reveal it this summer


As always in these cases, it must be made clear that we do not have an official confirmation from Bethesda before us. However, the source is reliable and interesting enough to bring you this important news today.

Last August 2020, the editor assured that we would not have news of Starfield this year. And, indeed, that was fulfilled. However, in 2021 we would not only have news of the expected science fiction game, but it could also be the year in which the RPG is launched. All this, of course, if the pandemic does not prevent it.

The information, echoed by VG24 / 7, comes from industry veteran and VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who is well known for having already leaked other information of this type with great accuracy.

The fact is that, during a Dealer Gaming broadcast, Grubb pointed out that he believes there is a “90% probability” that the game is revealed around E3 and that it ends up being released on the market around November 2021. Without a doubt, dates that would thrill Bethesda fans if they became reality.

No word yet on when, or what it will entail.

However, it is also important to note that Grubb later came to Twitter to clarify the topic and respond to a thread from Restera. This is what he commented on the matter:

“Can’t we make it sound so safe. Give a percentage. Here’s a better headline: Microsoft and Bethesda want to introduce Starfield this year, but people want a lot of things.”.

Whatever happens, expectations with Starfield are very high right now. Not surprisingly, Todd Howard has already confirmed that this will be the first of his next games to use “Bethesda’s biggest engine overhaul, maybe even bigger than [el cambio visto de] Morrowind a Oblivion.”.

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