Starfield motivates this Xbox Series X with controller that you will want to have in your living room designed by a fan artist


There is still a long time for the premiere of the space RPG, but there are already those who imagine the ideal console to play it.

There are still 11 months ahead for what for many is, including this server, one of the great launches of 2022. We are talking about Starfield, the first new universe of Bethesda in 25 years and the first great exclusive of the company with Microsoft after its purchase at the beginning of last year. All this makes it a suitable video game to star in an Xbox Series X themed for the occasion.

At the moment there is no official announcement in this regard, but there are artists eager to give ideas to the technology giant. This is the case of POPE, a very popular 3D designer on social networks with his Xbox controllers who recently wanted to share what a custom Xbox Series X could look like for the science fiction RPG. The appearance of the hardware is accompanied by a heavy control for the occasion, all with a similar finish to the first Starfield promotionals.

We can’t really wait to see the console and controller with Starfield motifs placed in our gaming room, but we will still have to wait to know the exact plans of Microsoft and Bethesda to accompany the one that promises to be a success. Starfield, remember, will arrive on PC and Xbox Series on November 11th, being available at launch, like the rest of the company’s games, on PC and Game Pass.


Although the video game left us a fairly illustrative trailer of the proposal in 2021, it will not be until these next few months when Bethesda gives a push to the presentation of the video game, promising very exciting news after 2021 where great advances have been made in its development. . If you want to know more you can visit 3DJuegos this special video about what the open world of Starfield will be like.

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