Starfield’s dialogue options are revealed in a new video, confirming that it will have four times the dialogue of Skyrim


Dialogue options are an important part of any great Bethesda RPG, so fans have been wondering what kind of system the developer would implement in Starfield. Now, thanks to a new video from Bethesda, director Todd Howard has shared some details of what you can expect in your conversations in starfield star systems.

“We’re back to a kind of [sistema] of classic Bethesda-style dialogue,” Howard said. “You’re looking at the character and how he gets emotional, you have a number of options there.”

howard too spoke of the system of persuasion, saying that players will spend points to persuade characters to get what they want. The example shown had four different dialog options on the screen, each costing a different amount of points. The +1 option was passive, while the +5 option was very aggressive. This matches what we’ve heard before, when Bethesda said that Oblivion’s dialogue minigame inspired Starfield.

starfield will have more branching dialog paths than any previous Bethesda game. Howard also touched on the volume of content, saying the team worked to make sure the depth was still present in the conversations despite there being so many of them.

“The scope of the game, the amount of content we’re doing is a little more than we’ve done before in terms of quests and things like that,” Howard said. “But the depth with the dialogue… We just went over 250,000 lines, so that’s a lot of dialogue. But we’ve revisited it and the impact is really there.”

For comparison, Bethesda said that Skyrim had about 60,000 lines of dialogue, and that Fallout 4 had 111,000. So the current amount of dialogue in Starfield is more than four times that of Skyrim.

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We don’t have an exact release date yet, but Starfield will release sometime in the first half of 2023. If you want to know more about Starfield, check out our interview with Todd Howard and our analysis of Starfield’s performance based on what we’ve seen. seen so far.