Stars Of The Dukes Of Hazzard After His Wife Died, John Schneider Went Out In Public And Put Out A Record About Her


Stars Of The Dukes Of Hazzard After His Wife Died, John Schneider Went Out In Public And Put Out A Record About Her:

John Schneider, who played Luke Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard,” recently made his initial Hollywood appearance since his wife, Alicia Allain, died in February. He used the time to remember her.

Schneider told the Daily Mail while he was at the Drinks With DeeDee Sorvino cabaret show within Los Angeles that he was going to make a new record for his late wife.

Alicia Allain Passed After A 4 Year Fight With Cancer:

Allain was his wife and artistic partner. She passed after a four-year fight with cancer. The two people worked together to make songs and movies. Now, the star has promised to keep working with them as a way to honor their love.

“Alicia, my wife, and I made our own movies and songs, so we weren’t working for anyone else. So that really helped,” Schneider said. “Now that my much, much, much better half isn’t here but is waiting for me, I’m trying to respect her skill and professionalism.

John Schneider Finished Making A New Record Called “We’re Still Us”:

“I just finished making a new record that I think is my best work ever. It’s all about her, and it’s called “We’re Still Us.” He went on to say that making the album was “helpful,” but that it also “hurt like hell” at times.

“Writing hurts so much. Schneider said, “It hurt so much to sing.” “But the end result will be recovery for those who are going via this. If two people get married, one of them will die first, according to statistics.”

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Schneider also said that he was committed to helping people who lost loved ones, and he said that he hoped his road of healing would show them how important their relationships were.

“There are a lot of people out there who have lost a spouse, but no one wants to have a conversation about it,” he stated. “So we really don’t have any help.

Now, did I ever in my wildest dreams think I’d be a well-educated support system for those who have lost the love of their lives? No, but I’m there.”

He Claimed His Biggest Wish Is To Improve At Least One Couple’s Lives By Showing Them How Amazing They Are:

He said that his greatest dream is to change at least one couple’s life for the better by making them see how perfect they are together. He thinks that if this occurs, everything he has done and learned will have been worth it.

After telling everyone the sad news that his wife had died upon February 22, John Schneider shared a number of touching words to her memory on his Facebook page. These posts helped him show how much he loved his wife and get through the pain of losing her.

The star shared a picture of himself and Allain kissing on February 26 with the statement, “I have no words, but… I miss you so much, Mrs. Schneider.” Schneider kissed his wife’s lips in another post he shared the day before and wrote, “For me, that’s what love feels like.”

“Please give us our space during this sad time. Please don’t ask any questions,” he said. “If you have any pics of us showing how much we love and care for each other, upload them below.”

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“Finally,” Schneider said, “hug the people you love tight as well as tell them how you feel.” “We’ve always done.”

John And Allain Get Married Within 2019:

Schneider, who got married to Allain within 2019, said that they will still work together: “She and myself are going to accomplish great things due to this. Not anyway, yet because of this.”

He also said that he hopes to see her again in heaven one day. “I didn’t get rid of her. I know where she exists, and if I don’t mess up, I am going to see her there one of these days. Now it’s up to me.”