Steam Deck demonstrates its battery life – enough for a standard gaming session


The actual duration is not far from the data provided by Valve, although it varies depending on the power of the games.

Although Steam Deck has changed its release window to next month from February, there is no doubt that Valve is taking advantage of the extra time to polish its device to the fullest. To begin with, it has managed to significantly reduce the original size of the Operating System, which has been followed by an announcement that increases the number of compatible games. However, there are still some doubts in the air, and many of them we will solve when we have the device in our hands.

As soon as you start a game, everything else disappearsDeveloperThat is why an anonymous developer has been able to answer some of these questions on the Boiling Steam portal, as they have access to a Steam Deck development kit. And one of the most remarkable aspects of this review (which in itself is limited to the observations that Valve allows to publish) revolves around the battery Of the device. Because, although an official figure of 2-8 hours of play has been given, this developer communicates new numbers according to his experience: the battery would last between 2 and 5 hours with the most demanding games.

Steam Deck

Along with this, it is clarified that said information depends on the load that the APU is supporting at that time, since a simple game will allow the device to breathe more freely than a triple A adventure. Beyond this, the developer also talks about the game experience, which he considers very similar to Nintendo Switch because “as soon as you start a game , everything else disappears“.

As an added bonus, the developer drops a theory About the already known Steam Deck delay: Based on your experience with the console, Valve may not have it ready by December 2021, which is why they reportedly announced their delay alleging a shortage of materials. Be that as it may, many developers have been surprised with Steam Deck performance, since after their first approach they ensure that it works incredibly well.

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