Steam Deck may be as influential as the iPhone for the video game industry, according to Gabe Newell


Valve’s CEO believes that these types of devices are here to stay.

By Marcos Yasif / 49 comments

Confidence about the future of Steam Deck in Valve is maximum. We already echoed a few days ago how its managers were already talking about its successor, and now Gabe Newell has gone a step further by ensuring that his laptop can be for the gaming industry what the iPhone was for smartphones nearly 15 years.

“There are software challenges and imput that you have to solve, but it’s like one of those things. There was a before and after with the iPhone, correct? Until then, you used a Blackberry for all this topic of specific applications, but in general terms [el iPhone] it was the transition point for smartphones,” explained Valve’s CEO in a chat with IGN. “Now, we’ve reached a point where you have a mobile gaming device that can do anything; it only remains to improve from this moment“added the developer.

Steam Deck

We’ve reached a point where you have a gaming phone that can do anything.Gabe NewellThe American portal also wanted to know when the idea for Steam Deck came from and if the success of the Nintendo Switch had something to do with its production. “I think that every gamer has wanted this for a long time or not? That is, when you start playing a video game for PC, after a month you ask yourself, where is my mobile version of this? has struck a balance between watt and performance.

Although Steam Deck is not the first commitment to this type of product on the market, it is one that has enjoyed enough popularity to a paradigm shift. We will have to wait for the next few months to measure its success with more consumption data. Meanwhile, you can read an in-depth report on Steam Deck at 3DJuegos.

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