Steam in 2020: 50% more hours of play than in 2019

Steam has launched its 2020 “Year in Review”, an analysis of how things were last troubled year, and it has been revealed that 50.7% more was played on the platform than in 2019.

From Steam they know perfectly that the COVID-19 epidemic has been (and continues to be) an enhancer because people have to stay at home, and that represents a significant increase that begins with lockdowns in mid-March.

This situation has led to a new record for Steam, including reaching 120 million active players per month, 62.2 million active per day, 24.8 million simultaneous players, 2.6 million purchases per month and 21 ‘4% more games purchased than in 2019, in addition to the 50.7% increase in hours played compared to the 2019 statistics.

The increase in shopping and gaming has led traffic to increase between 30 and 40% in total traffic in terms of downloads, which Cyberpunk 2077 also helped, breaking records by reaching 52 terabytes per second; this is doubling the previous record.

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