Steam is unstoppable: Valve’s platform breaks its record of concurrent users again


At the beginning of the year he set a mark that has been surpassed again this weekend.

By Sergio Bustos / 72 reviews


Playing on PC is something that is being seen more and more. And if they don’t tell Steam, it’s in better shape than ever. The platform Valve It goes from record to record and, after having seen how in November it was news for its number of simultaneous players, it surprised us all at the beginning of 2022 by establishing a new figure that confirmed the upward trend in recent months.

The brand has not lasted long, since if a week ago we were talking about 27,942,458, staying very close to 28 million, this past January 9 it has surpassed them reaching the 28 230 661 concurrent users. It is something that we can see officially reflected on its website and that, given what we have seen, it might not be the last time we have to echo it this January.

Three years ago, the data was 11 million lessThis growth was enhanced during the initial times of the pandemic, but the pace has not slowed throughout 2021. In January 2019, the data was about 17 million, eleven less than those achieved just three years later. Again, the time at which the new record has been reached is around the 16:00, being a repeated strip on the last occasions.

As for the main protagonists, the most played games They still do not leave us big surprises, since there are the usual suspects. We have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in first position, followed by others that do not come down from the top, such as DOTA 2, the fireproof PUBG Battlegrounds or the always satisfying Apex Legends.

Before reaching 2022, Steam settled 2021 with very interesting information to draw on. We met the list of best-selling and played games of the year, leaving us very interesting names, but also recently awarded the winners of the Steam Awards 2021, with categories as curious as usual.

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