Steam kicks off 2022 by beating its record for simultaneous players on Valve’s platform


It was achieved during the afternoon of Sunday, January 2, with almost 28 million concurrent users.


What better way to start 2022 than by breaking a new record? Steam can boast of having reached a new peak of simultaneous players, with Valve’s platform surpassing the old mark achieved last November, when it crossed the 27 million mark.

And, as GameRant points out, in data officially collected by Steam on its website, the figure has remained close to 28, adding up to a total of 27,942,458 concurrent users, that is, people who are using the platform at the same time. Specifically, the record was achieved in an hour close to 16:00 in Spanish peninsular time.

Official graph that measures the number of simultaneous usersOfficial graph that measures the number of simultaneous users

Counter Strike was the most played titleThe most outstanding games of this past Sunday are the usual ones. There are no surprises here, with Counter Strike: Global Offensive accumulating a peak of 867 147 players, followed closely by DOTA 2, with 761 107. Further away are other names such as PUBG Battlegrounds or Apex Legends, both with battle royale proposals.

Let’s remember that, in addition to voting for the awards of the year, Steam has been reviewing 2021 sharing different statistics that help us get an idea of ​​how the game moves pc market. In fact, in the list of the best of 2021 we have also learned which are the titles with the most simultaneous players, in addition to discovering the best sellers and those that have generated the most income.

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