Stephen Amell Tries To Explain His Comments About Actors Going On Strike


Stephen Amell Tries To Explain His Comments About Actors Going On Strike:

Stephen Amell is trying to take back some recent things he said regarding the SAG-AFTRA strike, such as that it made him “myopic” and that labor strikes in general constitute a “reductive bargaining tactic.”

Amell said this during a talk at GalaxyCon in North Carolina. He is most famous for playing Oliver Queen on the current CW show Arrow. The star said, “I support my union, and I also stand with them.” “I don’t agree with going on strike. I’m not.”

Amell Attempted To Clarify What He Meant Within Instagram Post Upon Tuesday:

In a post to Instagram on Tuesday, Amell tried to explain what he meant. “To make sure my thoughts as well as intentions aren’t misunderstood, I’m writing what I truly said to provide clarity or context,” he wrote. “I don’t want my feelings to be misunderstood by accident.”

The former Arrow star went to Raleigh’s GalaxyCon on Saturday and talked about how upset he was about the strike, which made it hard to promote his new Starz show, Heels, whose second season started on Friday.

Amell Do Not Agree To Go On Strike:

“Because I live in Hollywood, I believe I’m within a bubble,” he said. “I don’t think many people within this room know about the strike. I stand with my group because I support it. I don’t agree with going on strike. I’m not.”

He went on to say, “I think it’s a weak way to negotiate, and we find the whole thing very frustrating.” I think the way people think about shows like the one I’m on, which just started last night, is short-sighted, and I stand alongside my union.”

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Amell was one of the initial sports stars to speak out toward the strike. On Tuesday, he wrote a long post on social media to try to explain his “misunderstood” words.

What Amell Wrote Within Instagram Post:

Amell wrote, “My off-the-cuff employ of the word ‘support’ is clearly at odds with my real feelings and my strong statement that I remain with my union.

I don’t like being hit, of course. No one does it. But we must do what we must do.” He said, “I’m an actress, and I’d been speaking on the spot for more than an hour. I’m emotional, but I don’t think these problems are easy.

Our leaders have a very hard job to do, and I’m grateful for everything they do. Even though I have done some bad acting in the past, I promise I’m not a robot.

From a logical point of view, I understand why we’re on strike, but that does not imply it isn’t stressful for everyone on many levels. Amell then teased himself about using the word “myopic.”

He said, “I don’t know what I was attempting to convey here,” which was his way of saying that he’s unhappy that he can’t sell his Starz show Heels.

“I’m just sad that we can’t celebrate the performance that we all literally and figuratively broke our backs for.” In it, Amell stated that his support for the labor movement was “absolute,” and that he stood with them.

Even though he said he didn’t agree with striking, he now says that his “off-the-cuff” comment was “not how I really feel.” Instead, he said that he doesn’t “like striking,” yet “we have to do whatever we have to do.”

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Amell Concluded His Statement With Saying That He Agreed With SAG-AFTRA:

Amell ended his long speech by saying that he agreed with the SAG-AFTRA strike. “But, for the near future at least, I choose to remain alongside my union,” he wrote. “If you see me upon a picket line, don’t whip me with anything hard.”

His first comments didn’t get him hit with fruit, but fellow Arrowverse star Kirk Acevedo responded to them by tweeting, “This f**king guy.”

Matt Letscher, a character in the Arrowverse, also gave an angry answer. “Still waiting upon that full list of completely non-reductive ways we can negotiate now,” he tweeted upon Monday. “God bless superheroes! “In a second.”

Matt Letscher Also Stated Without Pointing Amell:

Matt Letscher, who has been on The Flash as well as Legends of Tomorrow, additionally had something to say, but he didn’t name Amell.

Letscher wrote on social media, “Still waiting on that full list of fully non-reductive negotiating strategies we can use now.” “God bless superheroes! “In a second.”

After failed contract talks involving the Alliance of Motion Picture as well as Television Producers, the Hollywood actors union, which represents more than 160,000 actors as well as other people in the entertainment business, called a strike on July 14.

Total OF 160,000 Went On Strike:

Because of this, a lot of movies and TV shows have been put on hold, and union artists aren’t supposed to do promotional events, talks, or meet-and-greets with fans for companies that the union is on strike against.

Before Raleigh GalaxyCon, the people in charge said they talked to SAG-AFTRA lawyers and implemented changes based on what they told them.

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They said that stars could go to the event because GalaxyCon was not a “struck” company as well as the actors were going there on their own.

On events, actors were forbidden to talk about strike projects, but signatures and picture ops were still allowed, with some changes. USA Today says that Amell’s showing appears to go against the rules of the strike.

That’s because artists can ask inquiries regarding their lives and jobs in general. This weekend, Amell will be at Fan Expo within Boston. In September, he will be at GalaxyCon in Austin.

SAG-AFTRA wants better pay for streaming, which has increased a lot in the past few years. There are also worries about machine learning. The head of SAG-AFTRA, Fran Drescher, said upon Tuesday that the union was ready to go on strike for at least a six-month period.

Drescher Stated That They Had Enough Money For The Next Six Month:

She said upon Today that they had saved enough money for the following six months. “We really want to win,” he said. Since May, the Writers Guild of America additionally has not been working.

Friday was the first day of the second season of Amell’s Starz show. It’s a wrestling story that centers around his character, Jack, as well as Alexander Ludwig’s character, Ace, who is Jack’s brother and a foe.