Stolen CD Projekt files reportedly sold at auction on the Dark Web


According to new information, the files stolen from CD Projekt Red in a ransomware attack, an issue that was revealed earlier this week, they have been sold at auction on the Dark Web.

Dark Web monitoring organization KELA (which previously provided The Verge with what it believes are lists of legitimate files from CD Projekt’s Red Engine) reports that an auction set up to sell the files has been closed after it was made. a “satisfactory offer” from outside the forum in which it was being held. That offer reportedly stipulates that the code will no longer be distributed or sold. The cybersecurity account vx-underground He also reported that he had heard that the sale was complete.

Speaking to IGN, Victoria Kivilevich, KELA’s Threat Intelligence Analyst, explained that it appears that all the stolen files, which apparently include the source code for Cyberpunk 2077, multiple versions of The Witcher 3, and Gwent, were sold in one package. . It is unclear who the buyer is or what they intend to do with the files as of this writing.

It is also unclear at what price the files were sold, but yesterday’s reports indicated an initial purchase price of $ 7 million. Kivilevich provided IGN with a translated screenshot of the forum, dated February 10, in which the seller said that CD Projekt would have to pay the ‘blitz (initial purchase fee) due to the confidential data contained in the files. Of course, at this time, we cannot verify if that is true.

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A screenshot of the now-closed auction thread.
A reported screenshot of the auction thread, now closed.

On the other hand, although we do not know if there is a direct relationship between both events, a few hours ago we informed you that the first leaks about CD Projekt Red games were already starting to come out. In this case, leaks related to Gwent, the card game based on the universe of The Witcher.