Stray stands out in the top weekly sales of Steam, but there is desire for Spider-Man


BlueTwelve Studio’s is the game that has generated the most revenue, only behind the Steam Deck.

The good news does not stop for Stray. The game starring a cat in a cyberpunk world is not only being a phenomenon on PlayStation consoles, but on Steam it has broken all records for Annapurna Interactivethe publisher of the game developed by BlueTwelve Studio.

Thanks to the data collected by Steam DB, we know that Stray is the best-selling title of the week on Valve’s platformonly having generated less income than Steam Deck, the company’s console-computer that, because it has a higher price, sneaks into a higher place on this list that is ordered by income generated.

Spider-Man pre-orders have skyrocketedHowever, the biggest surprise comes perhaps in the third position of the classification, since in the last seven days it seems that pre-purchases have been very successful of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which very recently specified the minimum and recommended requirements on a computer and lands on August 12 on the Valve platform.


For the rest, another aspect that is worth pointing out is that one of the founders packs of MultiVersus, the free to play that opens its open beta this week but that has enjoyed early access for certain users and for those who have obtained a drop by watching the game for an hour on Twitch.

Top sellers of the week on Steam

Although there are other games starring animals that have touched our hearts, the Stray experience will be more special than usual for those who have a cat as a pet. However, the title is much more than that and, for us, it has already become one of the freshest proposals of this year, but we recommend you read Stray’s analysis to find out more.

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